Regina Magdalena Sebald,
teacher for yoga (500 hs), (styles Medical Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Zenyoga, African Yoga, Dynamic Mindfuness Yoga)

and a visual artist.

i was trained in zenyoga/ dynamic mindfulness yoga, a style based on vinyasa flow with elements of japanese and chinese martial arts as well as zen and mindfulness. also i practice and teach medical yoga, a style created and mainly taught by physio therapists focusing on anatomic benefits and safety for the physical body. i am studying african yoga and teaching aspects of it. this yogic approach is based on most ancient evidence of yogic systems, essential aspect of ancient egyptian culture (kemet).*, **, ***.
for more than 15 years now, i am practicing yoga on a serious level. my first approach to yoga was as a young child through a book at my cousins. i was fascinated. we children practiced by ourselves. also, i started recognizing asanas and further aspects of yoga all around. closeness of yoga to life and nature reveals itself in the titling of asanas mainly inspired by nature.

the practice aims at strengthening the body in efficient, safe and joyful way, listening to the body “mindfulness of the body”, learn how to improve the posture and move in move in anatomically beneficial ways. on many levels, you can benefit from a steady practice on a daily basis.
gain physical strength, improve your posture and enjoy increasingly more pleasant body feeling. get to know and into peace with your body.
learn how to calm the mind in efficient ways for not loose energy by stress.
give space for your joy and physical activity.

in our typical local work and life routine our bodies are not given attention nor space to naturally develop: from early ages on, we are thought to sit still and straight in school, to pull all organs in with our belly and push the breast to the front, to work against natural forces, breath and instincts. in school, there might be some classes of physical education.. music is banned, or separated to clubbing on an extreme level or spare occasions such as a concert or similar activities. western society educates us to primarily work with our minds.

Here we make space, for ourselves, our bodies, strengthening the whole body in a  joyful, holistic and beneficial way. we learn to simplify and deepen the breath to provide more oxygen for the brain and the whole organism.


•Yoga Teacher Trainings:
200 hs RYA, Dynamic Mindfulness/ Zen Yoga Berlin 2017
350 hs RYA, 2018/2019
teachers (selection): Tatjana Mesar, Matthew Remski, Vera Piechulla, David Listen, and Diana Thielen, Lisa Schmidt Stefan, Zarko Andrievic, etc.

•Zulassung Präventionskurs, Zentrale Prüfstelle (in Bearbeitung)

current public classes:

i am teaching different formats in diverse places in berlin and other places

teacher trainings
private classes
group classes
business classes
youths and children
workshops and special classes

-Zenyoga by Dynamic mindfulness Berlin
-Bliss Yoga Accra, Ghana
-Heile Haus Berlin
-Yoga Hub Berlin
-English Yoga Berlin

several private classes and Workshops in Berlin, Munich, Accra, Luxor, Aswan, etc.

HeileHaus, Waldemarstrasse 36, 10999 Berlin
tuesdays 18:00-19:15 EN (GER as needed)
open to all levels!

Jetzt & Hier, Auguststraße 65, 10117 Berlin
tuesdays 20:15-21:30 EN (GER as needed)
open to all levels!

Jetzt & Hier, Auguststraße 65, 10117 Berlin
wednesdays 13:00-14:00 EN (GER as needed)
open to all levels!

and other

* based on most ancient evidence of yogic systems in ancient egyptian culture (kemet), known as smai tawi, evidence still available in vast egyptian art and architecture, there are numerous obvious parallels to indian yoga;

** I am not a certified teacher for kemetic yoga. i started a YTT in kemetic yoga and am taking classes in this style. anyways, although i am very keen to that style, i do not fully agree with every detail, there are poses and aspects which seem anatomically no beneficial to me. as i am teaching yoga to physiotherapists to enrich their practice, too, i am interested in the most beneficial approach to yoga, before all, there will be no pain involved in my styles!

*** In Egypt, I studied the postures and systems by studying kemetic yoga with different teachers on personal and virtual levels, and, above all on site at the places, sites where smai tawi was practiced thousands of years ago. With dedication, wast amount of evidence is visible in all sites, temples, tombs and pyramids, etc. posture is essential in the codex for representation of “goddesses” and “gods” who are rather all aspects of noble life in society in a sense of fairness in community.. also, i studied the kemetic art, science, mythology, philosophy, cosmo-vision… etc.in all these senses, I call my practice inspired by african yoga (smai tawi).

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