regina magdalena sebald

teacher for yoga and meditation (550 hs+), (vinyasa flow, zenyoga, dynamicmindfulness yoga, kemetic yoga, african yoga, medical yoga) and a visual artist.

yoga is an important part of my life. i came in touch with yoga at age five and am fascinated from the very first encounter. for more than 15 years now, i am seriously practicing yoga and different approaches of meditation. particularly, i am interested in the healing qualities of yoga, on physical, mental and spiritual levels. this gift and relief i am receiving through my steady practice, i wish to give and to spread. this is my main motivation for teaching in different settings, open, private, business classes as well as special workshops and yoga teacher trainings. 

the style i tech is based on vinyasa flow, dynamic mindfulness yoga which is influenced by martial arts and zen, smai tawi/ kemetic yoga / african yoga which is the ancient egyptian yogic system as well as medical yoga.

the most important goal is the way itself, a life changing experience evolving from moment to moment which allows to re-connect with ourselves, our bodies, minds and spirits through conscious physical practice. this can be a powerful tool for to enter into peace with ourselves, our fellows and environment. 

on a physical level, yoga is an opportunity, to get in touch with our natural origin, as our bodies belong to wild nature and are able to move in sophisticated ways, abilities we can explore and give space for in this urban setting.

we engage a dialogue with our bodies and the elements, exploring both as well as their relationship with each other in a joyful way. over time through yogic practice we improve our posture, breath body feeling and knowledge  about our bodies.


•Yoga Teacher Trainings:
200 hs RYA, Dynamic Mindfulness/ Zen Yoga Berlin 2017
350 hs RYA, 2018/2019
teachers (selection): Kemetic Yogi, Tatjana Mesar, Matthew Remski, David Listen, and Diana Thielen, Lisa Schmidt Stefan, Zarko Andrievic, etc.

•Zulassung Präventionskurs, Zentrale Prüfstelle (in Bearbeitung)

i am teaching different formats in diverse places in berlin and other places

teacher trainings
private classes
group classes
business classes
youths and children
workshops and special classes

-Zenyoga by Dynamic mindfulness Berlin
-Bliss Yoga Accra, Ghana
-Heile Haus Berlin
-Yoga Hub Berlin
-English Yoga Berlin

several private classes and Workshops in Berlin, Munich, Accra, Luxor, Aswan, etc.

HeileHaus, Waldemarstrasse 36, 10999 Berlin
tuesdays 18:30-19:45 EN (GER as needed)
open to all levels!



YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Medical Yoga Academy Berlin


* based on most ancient evidence of yogic systems in ancient egyptian culture (kemet), known as smai tawi, evidence still available in vast egyptian art and architecture, there are numerous obvious parallels to indian yoga;

** In Egypt, I studied the postures and systems by studying kemetic yoga with different teachers on personal and virtual levels, and, above all on site at the places, sites where smai tawi was practiced thousands of years ago. With dedication, wast amount of evidence is visible in all sites, temples, tombs and pyramids, etc. posture is essential in the codex for representation of “goddesses” and “gods” who are rather all aspects of noble life in society in a sense of fairness in community.. also, i studied the kemetic art, science, mythology, philosophy, cosmo-vision…